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Dave Costanzo, Associate Clerk and Facilities Coordinator for the Supreme Court, Criminal Court District #1 with Keith Copeland, Assistant Facilities Coordinator

"You have to understand that our whole nation lost something that we here in NY take for granted, something our whole nation lost; more than just glass and steel"

"That day was kind of a blur! guess anybody in this business that has been around knows that "you don't think before you react, you react before you think."

"It's second nature to you. All the years of training, everything you have ever been taught, kicks in and you don't stop to think about what you are supposed to do. It comes with the day. You just do it !"

Dave Costanzo's testimony taken by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC

You can read Dave & Keith's story of 911 in our upcoming book where they sprung into action and just did it. They did and continue to do everything they can from their office above which has been stuffed with 911 Memorial t-shirts, pins etc. They are doing a GREAT JOB!


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