©1991 ~ Thomas Easley

Artist: Thomas Easley Painted in 1991 when Thomas visited New York City. He had the
feeling which is clearly portrayed, two strikes of lighting piercing the towers.
This was even before the first strike on the towers which was in the basement garage in 1993.
Was this a taste of something to come or was the future flowing backwards at just this moment!
Painting Copyright(c)1991 Thomas Easley

Photo © Barbara Lang-Lyras Auffret

Statue Public Domain

A statue of a firefighter kneeling with his hand over his face and head in pain.
I believe it depicts the sentiment and moving emotions of the firemen at Ground Zero
This piece is made by Matthews Bronze as a tribute to those who sacrificed their lives on 911.
"The employees of Matthews Bronze are honored to contribute to the healing
efforts of our nation by creating the "GOD BLESS AMERICA" bronze
along with the poignant firefighter statue that was donated to the residents
of New York City  and the commemorative memorial given to Somerset County, Pennsylvania.
It was our privilege to donate this original work of art to the citizens of the
United States in the unwavering spirit of patriotism that defines our great nation.

Sculpture & Photo ©2001 Darlene Racicot  

Ice Sculpture Copyright(c)2001 by Darlene Racicot

Photo © Barbara Lang-Lyras Auffret

  These Statues convey the the Love and Dedication of our Uniformed Services
Statues are displayed on desk of Chief Raymond Carroll ~ New York Fire Patrol
Artists are Unknown

Photo © Bonnie Mitchell

Most Patriotic Car in America

I came up with the design and found a local graphic artist, Wes Ellet,
to airbrush it on the "Vette". Almost instantly, the car was
being photographed and shared via the Internet. The notoriety my car has
received is much like that of the Heroes of 911. Those brave Police and
Firefighters never set out to gain notoriety or to become heroes that day.
It just happened. Many lost their lives trying to save those of strangers,
and others who survived have to bear the scars forever etched into their
memories. These are also our heroes. To the families who lost loved ones,
written by: Bonnie Mitchell

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