Photo Copyright©The Pearsall Family 

Durrell "Bronko" Pearsall
Rescue 4, Engine 292
Affectionately known to his brothers as "Bronko"

Photo Copyright©Nina Barnes

Left to right:  Cousin Tom & wife Linda, Cousin Nina Barnes & husband Sam,
Bronk, Tom & Linda's twins age 12 Thomas & Stephen

Last Family Photo Taken of Bronk

He was also called a "Gentle Giant" by his friends when they paid their last respects to a man they will always remember as their "hero".  

"Bronko was like a little brother to me. I watched him grow into the fine young man that he had become. I remember the day he was born, August 19th, 1967. I used to walk him in his carriage, feed, diaper and baby sit him. When my own brother died some 17 years ago, he was there by my side. Now, his promising life has been mindlessly cut short, while having just become 34.

I will always remember him as not only a big man in size, but in his heart which was that much bigger. He gave of himself and was loved by all whose lives he touched. I will never forget him nor any of his brothers for the brave, courageous acts of heroism they performed on September 11 to uphold all that is precious and sacred to us as Americans, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."  

Taken from interviews with Cousin, Nina Barnes,  East Hampton, New York Written by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC


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