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Heroes of the World Trade Center

A HERO.....He who has the courage of a lion,
the strength of a mighty heard of steed,
the gentleness in spirit of a dove,
the love of a pair of swans
and the faith of One who Walks on Water

The Bravest of the Brave,
Those who run in where angels fear to tread
and give selflessly with undying love.
Undying.  It will be remembered now
and throughout time....
The selfless sacrifice....
The deepest of love....

Written by - (c)2001/ Barbara Lang-Lyras Auffret
All Rights Reserved


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Quiet Heroes…

There are quiet heroes all around us,
Those who worked around the clock,
They haven't been forgotten,
They must be thanked a lot…

They worked at "ground zero,"
Searching for evidence,
They never faltered once,
God Bless them for their diligence…

The families of those fallen,
Pray they are not forgotten, but blessed,
When our country was in need,
They did their very best…

Dedicated to all the workers and kind souls at "ground zero" they are today's "Quiet heroes" who searched for all the missing heroes and all those who lost their lives at the WTC.  This poem is framed and sits in a showcase in the lobby of the Federal Aviation Administration Eastern Region's office building next to a bronze eagle dedicated to the ground zero workers...God Bless America…

Robert L. Macchia ©2002
Used With Permission

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The Aftermath of 9/11
(The Little Chapel That Stood)

The haunting sounds of bagpipes.  Taps playing on the horn.
We never will forget it.  This tribute as we mourn.
So many of them line the street.  They stand so straight and tall
Salute the brother that they lost.  Their pain is seen by all.

A purple shroud upon his rig.  So slowly it drives down.
Flanked by the brothers from his house.  You cannot hear a sound.
The flags do wave.  The speeches made.  Remembering those we lost.
You leave this place with emptiness.  This is too high a cost!

No bodies here for us to grieve.  It's just the spirit of,
The one who gave their life that day.  All in the name of love.
Their helmet and their picture.  The uniform they wore.
No casket will be carried.  No burial at all.

This scene is played day after day.  This ceremony is,
All that we have to get us thru, this time we can't forgive
Three thousand lives were lost that day!   So many of our own.
How can we bare the sorrow.  We know we must move on.

We try to make some sense of this.  Our minds can't comprehend.
How could this ever happen here?  And when will it all end?
We don't know how to find some peace, within our weary souls.
Anger!! Rage!! is all we feel.  Among us young and old.

At the Pit of Horror.  Destruction's everywhere.
Fires are still burning.  There's smoke still in the air.
The ones we love are still beneath,  the rubble that we see.
It breaks our hearts to realize.  That this is what must be.

But as we turn from all these sights.  We can't believe our eyes!!
A steeple standing proudly.  As if there to defy!!.
The little Chapel of St. Paul, escaped the terror here.
Its graveyard's still intact you see.  What saved it was a tree.

It welcomed all the souls that day.  Before they journeyed on.
We must believe that God was there.  To help them all along.
The power of His love and strength, is found within that church.
A symbol of the peace we crave.  Still standing here on earth.

Then, we're so sure that they're above.  All standing by His side.
Together as a brotherhood.  Looking down with pride.
They see and feel the pain we're in.  Yes, they will help us thru.
They'll send us strength to lean on.   As we begin anew.

Written by - (C)2001/ Barbara Tedesco
All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission

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 "A Day of Hell on Earth"

Out of the clear blue sky
Everything is chaos, black as night.
I never knew such pain;
Stabbing, throbbing, all encompassing,
A deadly rain.
Suddenly nothing was right.

Our heroes are gone now,
But we shall never forget;
Terrorists have committed a mortal sin.
Everything is changed now,
Nothing the same,
Seems we are waiting for a new life to begin.
But we shall never forget,
God help us, America stands tall;
We will never forget.

Written by: Copyright(c)All Rights Reserved
Raymond K. Foley
Raybird Enterprises
21 Campbell St. Waldwick, NJ, USA 07463
Used With Permission

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A blistering hell storm did rage
It sought to bind us in fear's cage.
When lightening struck the core of man,
It shattered all who held or ran.

But lightening cannot cow the soul,
When guardians strive to fill their role.
Their deeds live on, beyond life's theft
To strengthen those they leave bereft

True hearts that answered anguish's call;
Their voices still are heard by all.
Their deeds still touch, like guardian rain.
Our spirits, nourished through their pain.

Our heroes-gone won't fade from mind.
Their acts make strong those left behind.
They shout to those who take their place;
"Press on! No matter what you face!"

"And, if you follow where we went,
Then know, your life has been well spent!"

"...Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on."
"Yes," says the Spirit, "They will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them."     

Written by: (c)2001 Reginald C. Culpepper
All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission

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Written in memory of the victims of the tragedy that claimed too many heroes on September 11th in the United States. This piece is also dedicated in honor of their families, friends and comrades who were left behind.

Since September 11, 2001 I imagine every American and every civilized human being in the world has asked themselves that question at least a thousand times.
     The question being, who is a hero
              in my eyes?
Since September 11, 2001 I have read stories of undying loyalty, self-sacrifice, bravery and friendships that ended in death, together as they thought it should be.

Since September 11, 2001 we have learned that heroes wear dresses, slacks and suits. They also wear turnout gear, police uniforms, medical scrubs, and carry briefcases or wear high heels.

Since September 11th, 2001 the world learned the names and saw the faces of the victims who perished. We have also seen the faces, felt the pain and sorrow of the men and women who survived...these people made of steel.

Since September 11 we have learned heroes wear military uniforms and other heroes wave our beautiful flag in their hand and don't ask why.

Since September 11 we have learned that heroes risked their lives to save others on the ground while they faced death in the sky.

Since September 11 we discovered unsung heroes in New York, at the Pentagon, and on the flights who were destined to change our lives forever.

Since September 11 with tears in our eyes, we have bid these heroes goodbye and vowed not to forget...no never!

Since September 11 we have called heroes champions and fighters.

Since September 11 we have prayed for each day to become a little bit brighter.

Since September 11 heroes have been discovered in brownstone apartments, in sprawling ranches, in police stations, and firehouses while another kind of hero operates a massive crane.

Since September 11 some heroes laid among the ruin and rubble...where some heroes today remain.

Since September 11 mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers have mourned for their brave hero.

Since September 11 children, husbands, and wives have wept for their hero who died in that lonely field at the Pentagon, and
aGround Zero.

Since September 11 there is not one civilized living soul who has not cried for those heroes who did not deserve to die.

Since September 11 we have learned the men and women who perished were heroes who now look down from above.

Since September 11 we need to remember and love our fellow man, our new friends, and old. To admire our heroes wherever they may be or whoever they are.

Since September 11 we must try to forgive our enemies and cherish our lovers and family who may someday, soon, be in Heaven, as one bright, shinning star.

Who is a Hero in my eyes
Part II

That question becomes simple when I think of America, New York, a lonely field in Pennsylvania, the Pentagon and September 11th.

A hero is someone who struggled to survive and did not, but who now resides with God in Heaven.
A hero is someone who struggled to survive and did, but continues to deal with the pain, sorrow, and guilt as duty continues to call.
A hero mourns the loss of their loved one who they will never see again and will truly be missed by all.

    Who is a hero in my eyes? The question is easy!

A hero is the man, woman, or child who perished on September 11, in this unprovoked attack.
A hero is a soldier who will defend and find justice for this senseless act.
A hero is a fireman, police officer, rescue worker or ironworker, who survived and who continues to search for other heroes at Ground Zero.
A hero is a survivor who lost a mother or father, brother or sister, wife, husband, child, or cousin...that devastating loss makes a hero.
A hero is the Mayor of New York who has my greatest admiration.
A hero is President Bush who has taken control, with his advisors to seek retaliation.
A hero lives in a big American city or small American town.

These things make heroes and that is where American heroes can be found!

Written by(c)12/2001 Judy Cherbonneau
All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission

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Fire Flights

Once it was beautiful
Now it is gone
Destruction everywhere
Far beyond
Fire, smoke, debris
It’s all there
Too many people in despair
Friends, family, loved ones
With no trace
Hopefully now in God’s embrace
Too many names for us to list
There’s only one wish
Maybe a miracle, would it be true
Not this day, for me or you
September 11, 2001
Etched in all of freedoms rungs
A ladder wrought with some 3,000 souls
Look to the heavens for some solace
Not on this day September 11

Richard O’Brien

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Copyright(c)2003~Heroes~No Greater Love ~ All Rights Reserved