Fellow Firefighters and officials with painting during ceremony naming Sal Calabro Street

Sal with his two brothers shown here

Salvatore B. Calabro, N.Y.C. Firefighter with Ladder 101 in Redhook was not only a hero on 9/11/01 who sacrificed his life to save others but was a devoted husband, brother, father and a true friend. Sal was born and raised in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn on December 8, 1962. In 1986 his dream of being a Firefighter became a reality and he became the heart soul and backbone of Ladder 101.

Even though his favorite phrase was “You’re the best, he will always be remembered for being “the best” and one of New York’s “bravest”. He was known for 14 years in the department for his aspirations to make his company the best it could be and he proved this on a daily basis and beyond the shadow of a doubt on 9/11/01 when he and six of his companions now called “Seven-In-Heaven” responded to the WTC saving thousands of lives that day.



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