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Chief Joseph Baccellieri
Chief of Training for the State of New York
  NYS Court Officers Academy
Received Medal of Valor from the Supreme Court of NY

"There were two NYC Police Officers outside in the front. There were no ambulances, no firefighters there yet. We got inside the building. There was jet fuel all over the place and broken glass. So, at this point we said, alright there are people up there. We have to start to get them up and out of the building and that is what we did."

"We made it up to the 51st floor...The second tower came down when we just walked outside. We got to about the curb of Vessey and West Street when the north tower started to come down. You heard a loud Boom, boom, boom.. We looked up and you could see the building starting to come down....."

Chief Joseph Baccellieri's testimony taken by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC



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