Photo Copyright©Barbara Lang-Lyras Auffret

Captain John Civelia
NYS Court Officers Academy
Awarded the Medal of Valor from the NYS Supreme Court

"We lost track of time. I don't know whether it was one minute, ten minutes or what. But, as we were walking out I got hit in the groin. I fell over and grabbed something. I felt it, the outline of a side mirror. My first thought was WOW the car blew in right off the street into the lobby. I thought that is what happened. Then I took a few more steps and I tripped. I felt the curb. We were outside already and I didn't even know it. Then I heard a firefighter say "were outside". As soon as we heard this, we started to see something that looked like a sunrise, a little light. The other people that were there just let go and ran. They ran to the light. I remember the firefighters saying to me "are you ok?". I say "yeah". So, he turned around and went back in."

"This all makes you understand something deep but simple "LIFE IS ABOUT RIGHT HERE, WHERE I AM RIGHT HERE AND THAT'S IT".

Captain John Civilia's testimony taken by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC


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