Photo Copyright©Barbara Lang-Lyras Auffret

Sergeant Pat Maiorino
NYS Court Officers Academy
Received Medal of Valor from the New York Supreme Court

"We ran down from the Academy. The Captain, Al and Andrew ran down Fulton Street. They ended up at the North Tower. We ran down John Street and ended up at the South Tower."

"It is certainly a strange feeling! While we are running down the street to the towers, hundreds of other people are running the other way."

"We became aware of an incredible sound and vibration that I can only think an avalanche might resemble. I yelled "we're going to die, run as fast as you can" We had no idea the tower had collapsed. We thought there was a bomb or that a third plane had hit the building."

Sgt. Pat Maiorino's testimony taken by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC



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