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Sergeant Andrew Wender
Court Officers Academy, Unified Court System.
Awarded the Medal of Valor from the NYS Supreme Court

"We continued up to the 51st Floor until we felt the tower teetering back and forth. The second tower to be hit, the north tower # 2 had collapsed. Inside our tower # 1 all the lights went out, even the emergency lighting. In addition to all the sprinklers which are on the whole time, now you have the jet fuel making it's way down.. You are literally up to your ankle, over your foot in it. You can feel it in your socks. ..Then there is the smoke and your are in complete darkness as the building is teetering back and forth.. I remember a Chief from the Port Authority Police saying "It's time to get out." I knew it was bad!"

Sgt. Andrew Wender's testimony written by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC


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