Photo Copyright©Barbara Lang-Lyras Auffret

 Sergeant Kathryn Negron
Instructor at the NYS Court Officers Academy
Awarded the Medal of Valor from the NY Supreme Court

They watched the second plane hit the towers through a window in the rear of their building just blocks from the towers. It took some mighty courage not knowing what was down there and now knowing that this was a direct terrorist strike against NY to go down especially as a woman.

The last thing Kathryn remembers is seeing the Captain's back before they were lifted up. So the first thing she does when she comes too is to call for the Captain. You could hear her screams through the dead silence. But no reply. Only dead silence, quiet and peaceful.

Everything looked like the first falling of a mid-January snowfall with darkness all around. There was no way to see. She wonders if she is indeed dead. But, her eyes are burning like fireballs now. She can feel and hear voices, so she must be alive.

Sgt. Kathyrn Negron's testimony written by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC


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