Photo Copyright©Barbara Lang-Lyras Auffret

Sergeant Frank Barry
Awarded the Medal of Valor
From The NY Supreme Court

"Light, a flashlight was the first thing I was able to see after the collapse. A security guard had flashed it my way. Then like an angel out of a cloud, only this one was a black cloud, I heard Sergeant Kathryn Negron's voice on my radio. It was music to my ears. I called out and she answered. Then I found her penlight beaming like a lighthouse on the storm sea. We had found each other like two ships in the night."

"But where were they? The Sergeants couldn't tell. They were completely disorientated. The place they had entered no longer looked the same. It now resembled a waste-land."

Sgt. Frank Barry's testimony taken by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC



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