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  Sergeant Richard Rosenfeld
Awarded the Medal of Valor from the Supreme Court Officers Association

"At some point we heard a roar almost like an airplane engine, but really a roar. We looked up. The South Tower had exploded, really exploded! It was starting to come down. For a second you don't know what to do. I hesitated. Then there was this wind that picked us all up and started to throw us towards the buildings. I remember just before being thrown into the building there was a police officer with us. He threw two women to the ground to the right of me and then threw himself on top of them in a corner of 5 WTC right by the entrance spread eagle. I remember saying to myself that I think that is the bravest thing I think I have ever seen one person do in my entire life."

Sgt. Richard Rosenfeld's testimony written by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC


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