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President of FOP ~  Court Officers Lodge #35  
Lieutenant Frank Graniero

President Frank Graniero, head of FOP Lodge # 35 for the Court Officers, wanted to do something for those officers that gave the ultimate sacrifice after 911.

He joined with a Committee for the Office of the Court Administrator and produced a beautiful memorial to the three officers, Captain William Thompson (known as Harry), Sergeant Tommy Jurgens and Sergeant Mitch Wallace.

Below is a copy of the memorial with the artists who painted it, the Rose Brothers. Their memorial now stands inside the lobby of 111 Center Street for all to see and to remember those who bravely gave their lives so others should live.

Our gratitude to the Rose Brothers for their wonderful work on our Court Memorial!

Many court officers bravely stood up to terror that day and for days to come. You can read their stories and see their photos in our upcoming book "HEROES OF THE WTC, NO GREATER LOVE". For there is no greater love than to sacrifice your life for another.


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