Photo © Barbara Lang~Lyras Auffret

Sergeant Dennis Kenney
Fire Patrol # 3 ~ Brooklyn

"In just moments they heard some strange sounds. There was a very gradual rumbling which began to get worse. Then almost as if out of nowhere and totally unexpected there was this "BOOM"! Suddenly a big dark debris cloud and blackness fell upon them with the speed and strength of a bomb and not unlike the eruption of a volcano. Little did they know that building # 2, the south tower had collapsed.

Sergeant Kenney heard distinctly "someone's down". Then he turned on his flashlight and to his great surprise he saw Father Judge. He helped carry father Judge out of the building along with some FDNY Firefighters.

Sgt. Kenney's testimony taken by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC

Sergeant Dennis Kenney crossed the Brooklyn Bridge from Patrol # 3 and reached Tower 1 just after the second tower was hit. He and his brave men entered the tower and were stationed there. During that time, tower 2 exploded and collapsed burying them. Dennis can be seen in the French Film which was broadcasted on television at least 5 or 6 times near the Battalion Chief and Father Judge. Later he is one of the courageous heroes who carries out Father Judge from the building along with Patrolman Mike Angelini.~ Patrol # 3


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