Photo © Barbara Lang~Lyras Auffret

Captain Peter Grieco
Fire Patrol #3 Brooklyn

"The New York side of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel was finally cleared for rescue vehicles to make their way to the World Trade Center. The Captain and his driver, Patrolman McGee began their journey down West Street once again. But, not for long as the car began banking from side to side and bumping up and down. This was an unpleasant ride to say the least but, not as unpleasant as it's cause. You see, the streets of New York were not lined with gold today, but with the blood and guts of those innocent Americans who were painfully murdered there that day."

Captain Peter Grieco's testimony taken by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC

Received  A Certificate of Appreciation from FDNY for assistance at 1993 WTC Bombing and A Citation from the New York Board of Fire Underwriters for his bravery at the 2001 WTC 911 Disaster

Captain Grieco left headquarters in NYC to see what he could do to help at the WTC. On his way, he assisted in the clearing of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel then made his way with his driver, Patrolman John McGee over to the towers. While the Captain is saving a woman from the building, the tower is attacked by a second plane, luckily the debris went the other direction. He escapes death so many times during his adventure at the towers that we believe he must have 9 lives. You can read his entire accounting in our book when it is released for publication. Capt. Grieco's Fiancé', Susan Keating was also an  eyewitness to this horrendous attack from her John St. office window...Read an excerpt from her story HERE


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