Photo ©Susan Keating

Susan Keating

It was the usual workday down on John Street when Susan and her co-worker took their short break to the ladies room.   All of a sudden they hear some very strange sounds and someone blurts out ďWow!, it sounds like a war out there. Wonder what is?"

They stood there just watching, not knowing what to do. Susan knew that her Fiancť, Fire Patrol Captain Peter Grieco had to be there and she tries to beep him, several times. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, they see another plane, a large jetliner. Could this be help on itís way. A momentís hesitation, a momentís confusion reigns while they all watch not knowing what is happening.

They watch still in amazement at what is happening right before their naked eyes. How could this be? There is a second plane approaching and it is way too low. Oh my God !, NO!, itís headed toward the other tower, the south tower, #2.... To their surprise and shock, it hits dead center lower than the first. In a matter of seconds; red, orange and yellow flames fly like great demons in the form of gigantic fire balls as they pierce and slice the building passing through itís core and out itís side.

In moments their birdís eye view is blacken by soot, smoke and dark clouds. Their only link to the outer world is dead. Hysteria reigns as the reality of the attack faces them straight on. But who is the attacker? Terrorist again? Have they returned?

Susan Keating's testimony taken by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC

As Susan watched all this, little did she know that her fiancť was right there when that plane hit right over his head. He watched it strike right over his head while he was rescuing a damsel in distress. Luckily for him, the debris came out the other side and he was able to escape within an inch of his life. See his photo and read a small section of his day on the Fire Patrol Page....Captain Peter Grieco


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