Photo ©Keith Copeland

Keith Copeland, Court Aide
and Assistant to the Facilities Coordinator

It was 911 that morning. I was on the subway reading the Bible, Luke 13:4. Here it mentions about being righteous and that we all have to repent or we will all likewise perish. Then I sat back and had a vision. It was unbelievable, but I had a vision of that movie "Escape from New York".

When I came upstairs from the subway, I saw everyone standing in front of the stairs by the Municipal Credit Union. I said "Oh, What happened! and they answered "Oh, a building got hit, they hit the World Trade Center with a plane". Then another one hit while I was just standing there. Lots of people headed back down into the train, but I ran to my building to see if anyone needed help".

Keith Copeland's testimony taken by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC

Keith had asked the Major Mebane if he could volunteer to go down to the WTC with the Court Police on 911 but the Major did not permit him because he was a civilian and not part of the court police.  Read About Major Mebane and the NY Court Officers HERE


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