Photo ©Marsha & Bob Schmidt

Marsha Schmidt
with husband
PAP Officer Bob Schmidt

"I sat and watched the TV. I couldn't believe what I was watching. I began to pray to God to help those inside. My husband, Bob, a Police Officer for the Port Authority Police, who seldom receive the recognition they honestly deserve for their hard work, courage and strength, kissed me good by and left for the Towers.

In just moments, but what seemed like a lifetime, the towers fell. I sat and cried. My heart felt like the towers...crashing.

My kids, I had to get them from school. What would they be thinking? What would they be doing?

So I brought them home and explained to them what was happening. We all prayed that God would bring daddy back home to us safely, even though the events being as they were left some doubt in my mind as to whether we would ever see him and many of our friends ever again."

Marsha Schmidt's testimony written by Author Barbara E. Lang, NYC

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