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The day began like any other. Alarms clocks ringing, coffee brewing.
That last look in the mirror to make sure everything was in place.
A quick peck on the check for wives, husbands, children.
The usual "Have a good Day, see you tonight" 
Thinking "Geeze, it's only Tuesday, a long way to go till the weekend" 
Boarding trains, buses, cabs and cars.
At this early hour the sky is aglow with shades of pink.
An indication that it was a beautiful Indian Summer

They NEVER had an inkling of what was to come
As they began their ordinary day.

Many of them were already at their desks in the Towers, eager to get another work day under their belt
They were the unlucky ones. Others had not yet reached their destination.
They were running a few minutes late, or had the good fortune of not working in the Towers,
but none-the-less they were in lower Manhattan on that September day.
...Fate is a funny thing..

Here is a small selection of the stories of eyewitnesses to the horrendous attack...
The detailed stories will be featured in the upcoming book
"Heroes of the WTC, No Greater Love"

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