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Maltese Cross

Copyright© Barbara Lang  Copyright© Barbara Lang

Jack Toale and Jerry Bresnan, FDNY Retirees of San Diego, California stand beside a piece of  WTC Ground Zero steel crafted into a Maltese Cross with steel from Tower #1. Written upon the face of the cross are  the numbers "5-5-5-5" in the center, surrounded by  the words "World Trade Center", "Sept 11, 2001". 

The significance of the cross:  "When a firefighter makes the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty an alarm goes out, Signal 5-5-5-5,five rings in a series  of four. Now our Brothers & Sisters have completed their task, their duties well done, the bell rings 20 times in memory of and tribute to their life and service."

This cross was donated by Jack Toale, President of the 18th Division of FDNY Retirees. It will  be  presented  to the  City of  NY on Sept 11, 2006  when  the  World  Memorial and Release of Souls makes it's final appearance at  the World Trade Center area.



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