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World Memorial, Release of Souls

Founder of the World Memorial, Brus Messinger
with Artist Kathleen Tonnesen, Release of Souls
FireHouse World Convention, San Diego

The last three standing pieces of WTC Tower #1, called Release of Souls, has been reproduced by three Canadian Artists: Kathleen Tonnesen; Dave Rouleau Dave's Custom Metalworks; Brian Lytton, Structural Engineer (our other ROS team member) & Louis Louw,  as a tribute to all the 911 heroes. Click on pictures below to see greater detail. 

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Behind the  WTC steel  beams  stands a  large  painting  created  by Artist, Kathleen Tonnesen. It gives the appearance of  flames  rising. Within the flames are  various  figures, and objects. One needs to take time to study each of these pieces for their deep significance. 

Below are three small sections of the painting with close up photos showing some of the  magnificent  images  Kathleen has  chosen  to portray. The  first is an image of President Bush saddened by the events of 911. Pouring from the President's eye is a tear  in the  shape of one  of the 911  victims. This is very moving and fitting for that disastrous day. The second is a map of the USA. Within it is written September 11, 2001 and the  trade  towers can be seen within. The third is a tribute photo of Artist Kathleen  Tonnesen's  sister  (Christine)  and  nephew. Both were lost in a tragic event. Although  they  were  not lost  during  the events of 911,  Kathleen can understand, sympathize  and  have great  compassion  for  the victims  families of 911 thru this personal tragedy of her own.

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GZ Steel inside shipping crate to be part of the moving 911 memorial around USA

World Memorial gets ready for their trip across the country to Ground Zero in NYC for the 5th Anniversary. They have been planning this trip for years and now make ready with the help of Operation Strong Angel III. In the center you can see a piece of steel from the World Trade Center given to them by NYC. When this image was taken, they had just convened on the trailer. More people started coming over until there were over 100 at the scene. The group consisted of ex-military personnel, Homeland Security Personnel & DOD Personnel, College Professors and business men that support the project.



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