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Alan Martin,  Jr.
Major with the Middletown, New York State Troopers - Troop F
Photographer and President of Worldwide Photography

Major Martin, inspired by the awesome grandeur of the World Trade Center Towers, generously shares his dramatic photography. With one glance you will see his breathtaking visions of the beauty of these towers, now lost to us forever, yet captured and held in time and space.

As a young man of 15, Alan began his first yearning for the art of photography. Taken under the experienced wing of his father, Alan Martin, Sr., who was an extraordinary concert violinist and a creative photographic genius, Alan Junior flourished. In time, he began to understand and grew to love this art, an art he feels takes on a life of it’s own before the beholders very own eyes. It is this life he feels he can share with you here and now.  History is not and never will be forgotten.

 The World Trade Center Complex is especially dear to the Major since he worked there as a young lad, an ironworker. At the age of 23 by then a 4 year veteran of the trade, this was the first real job he could call a career, after finishing school. How wonderful it was too! He recalls it being like the “Center of the World” for him. This sentiment is not unique to the Major, as it is shared by many who admired the buildings both here in the United States, as well as abroad. It was truly one of the wonders of New York City and of our great nation.

 Many of us recall the complex was a “center within itself” containing almost anything anyone could even imagine. It was filled with shopping malls, offices, both governmental and private, restaurants, bars, concerts and even a hotel. The Marriott Hotel stood staunch yet, lowly wedged on the southwest corner of the plaza between the two great 110 story towers, the north and south named accordingly for their location on the great Island of Manhattan.

One of the Major’s first jobs was up high constructing the Marriott Hotel, tower #3 on West Street.  Although he recalls the wind blowing fiercely many a day, working outdoors was always preferable.  In fact, it was here that he has captured some of his best footage, both video and still photography of the towers pictured below.

His love of building is so great that even when he left ironworking to go onto the New York State Police, he returned during his vacation to experience the thrill of working up high and being part of the city in a way that not many can ever dream of knowing. In our book, Heroes of the WTC, No Greater Love, Alan will share some of his private collection captured from moments while he was constructing, to moments of great appreciation for the awesome grandeur of the now legendary towers to their ultimate demise taken by helicopter. He takes you from the sublime to the ashes.

Yet, like the mythical Phoenix, will we rise again from these ashes to a new beginning. This is the now. But, we will always remember. We will not forget, especially those dear to us, loved ones and friends, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters. You name them, we will never forget them! For when they came face to face with an overwhelming tragedy, they stood strong and fast.

Brothers and Sisters, you will always be remembered in our hearts and in our prayers. May this be a tribute to you all !
Written by: Major Alan G. Martin


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Photos from our upcoming book of the World Trade Center
     By Photographer: Major Alan Martin

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