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Forward By
Chief George Pickett
(Retired FDNY)

This earth we all live on is floating around in space, held in it’s majestic position by forces much greater than our human minds will ever be able to understand. In this world there is something more precious than any mineral or jewel, or mountain or ocean. This richness I speak of is human life, all life, in any gender, color, ethnic background, or religious belief.

Since life, and the meaning of it, is so important to us, we all strive to protect this gift each and every day; not only our own, but that of our loved ones, children, friends, and neighbors. We do so willingly, and out of necessity, for the protection of our fellow man kind as we proceed along the various chosen paths and destiny this “life” takes us.

Unfortunately, life is full of trials and tribulations, heartaches and dangers; and is only temporary. But, life is also full of challenges and rewards, as well as happiness and love.

As mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and daughters and sons in our great land, we strive to protect each other with a conscious tenacity that our human spirit demands of us. Nothing else would suffice, in this great country our forefathers fought so hard to establish.

In our society some people make it a lifelong career to put on a uniform and serve to protect their fellow citizens each and every day. I speak of our nations military, as well as our police and fire departments that are always there when we need them. I know I can say with certainty that there is “No Greater Love” than to lay down one’s life for another. Most men and women in our uniformed services today go to work for the “ love of the job” and know they are privileged to serve their fellow man and tax payers who support them. They also know the inherent dangers of the job, as well as the rewards.

Those of us who serve and who have served in local police and fire departments don’t need recognition for the deeds we do, because our service is reward enough. Society doesn’t listen, however, to these modest requests, for it does bestow titles such as “heroes” to those who save life. If you talked to a hero that our citizens honored, you would see a commonality that would make us all more proud of these individuals. First, you would see that each possesses a calmness and surety of bravery and courage. All heroes seem to agree that there is no hesitation to save life, that their own life is, at the crucial determining moment, pulled like an ocean tide toward those in in harms way, without regard to the consequences of their actions.

How blessed we are to have such people in our midst. Let us not forget those heroes who have proceeded us, and are around us, and are yet to come. Our lives will contiue because of their unselfish actions. We should especially remember those heroes of 911, because the actions against America that day were unprecedented, as well as, those of the heroes who responded to these horrific emergencies, many never to return.

You will be deeply moved with a unique prospective of heroes in this work “Heroes of the World Trade Center, No Greater Love”. This beautiful book will allow you to see those who gave all for the protection of others. We will certainly remember them and do so forever.

Copyright(c)2003 ~ Chief George Pickett (Retired FDNY)

We are so grateful to Chief George Pickett (Retired FDNY) for writing the Forward for "Heroes of the World Trade Center ~ No Greater Love"....His insightful experience over the years truly lends a credibility to our work...We wish him the Best of Luck with all of his endeavors Chief Pickett is the Author of "The Brave" A look inside the world of Firefighting during the 60's and 70's

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