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Port Authority Memorial Quilt
Jeannie Ammerman ~ President
Team Leader ~ Andrea Bair

The Port Authority Quilt tells the story of 36 men and 1 woman, Captain Kathy Mazza, who became heroes on a day like no other in our nation's history. Following the attacks on the Twin Towers, these heroes willingly reported for duty at a disaster scene of unprecedented magnitude. Many of them, like Superintendent Fred Monroe, did not need to respond directly to the scene. Like the two Captains who gave their lives that day, Fred could have stayed behind at the command center. But, they all knew that the Port Authority was the largest single tenant of the Twin Towers. They all knew that many of their friends and colleagues were trapped in stairwells, or in elevators or in offices. And from the start of their careers in law enforcement, all 37 of them knew the day might come when fate required them to make the ultimate sacrifice. That so many people made it our of the Towers alive is a testament to their dedication, courage and humanity."




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