Photo Copyright©Barbara Lang-Lyras Auffret
Photo Copyright©Barbara Lang-Lyras Auffret



The artist is Rip Caswell and the name of the statue is "Strength Of America".  Made in Memory of....Firefighter Eugene Whelan.  The restaurant where it is displayed is in New York and his brothers own it.  (Gene Michael's )
I am working with Don Porth of the Portland Fire Dept and Rip Caswell the artist on a monument (life size) of the statue here in Oregon to honor all servicemen lost that day.  We have raised $240,00.00 to date. 
We have gifted a 4ft. statue to the Pentagon, Shanksville Pennsylvania for their memorials and one to be placed at the restaurant until a memorial site in NY accepts it permanently.
Our web site is:  
Click link above "to learn more about the artist or Eugene and see more"

Written by Tracie Boyd



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