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Barbara Interviewing Sgt. Robert J. Franks ~ FPNY ~ Patrol 2

The following quotes are taken directly from interviews with Rescuers and Survivors
who are members of the New York Fire Patrol. Their entire stories can be seen in the upcoming book.
"Heroes of the WTC, No Greater Love"

The members of the Fire Patrol work out of 3 Firehouses
Patrol 1 - 30th St., Midtown
Patrol 2 - West 3rd St., Greenwich Village
Patrol 3 - Dean St., Brooklyn

All 3 Houses, both On Duty and Off responded To The Attack And the Aftermath

The Ultimate Price Was Paid By One Of Their Brothers

Patrolman Keith Roma - FPNY - Patrol 2
Killed While Saving Lives In The Line Of Duty
May He Rest In Peace

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