The World Trade Center with the Statue of Liberty standing in front  Names of Fallen men are listed around the base of the Monument along with replicas of their helmets  An angel embracing a fallen firefighter is etched on this plaque

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Nestled next to a silent stream, set on 11 acres of green fields, the "Washingtonville 5 WTC Memorial" sits proudly upon the "Walkway of Heroes" in the town of Washingtonville, Orange County, New York. This awe-inspiring art piece dedicated to all of the victims of the tragic events of 911, specifically honors 5 FDNY heroes:

Battalion Chief Dennis Devlin * Battalion 9, Lieutenant Glen C. Perry * Ladder Co 25, Firefighter Gerard T. Nevins * Rescue Co 1, Firefighter Mark P. Whitford * Engine Co 23 and Firefighter Robert W. Hamilton, Sr. * Squad 41.

This memorial is Dedicated  by the entire community of Washingtonville which takes so much pride in effort put forth by everyone to ensure no victims of Sept 11vare never forgotten.

Although this memorial received a piece of steel from Ground Zero, it was not utilized when it was built, even though they were considering burying it under the ground, because the wives of the firefighters requested it be left out.

We want to extend our thanks to everyone that worked so hard to put this plan into action.


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